About Hyzer1

We’re a talented group of creative individuals interested in Disc Golf, Art, Design, Music, and all niches in between. Get to know us and what we can do for you!

Paul Kitner


Born in California, and raised in Pennsylvania, Paul spent six years in the United States Army as an Infantryman and served one tour in Iraq. After his career in the Army, he moved to Memphis to work as a Craft Bartender. He spent some time perfecting his craft but still found himself aching for something that felt more like him. He found that something, alright. One day in 2015, a few of his work friends invited him out to play Disc Golf, a sport, like most people, he had never even heard of. Inevitably, he fell in love with the game. Paul knew the sport was growing quickly, and his love for Disc Golf drove him to brainstorm ideas to push this beautiful, wholesome sport even further. Hyzer1 was born.

In his downtime, Paul enjoys going to music festivals, camping, playing billiards, playing video games with his fiance, Kiana, and playing Disc Golf with his friends🥏

Kiana Lane

Director of Operations

Born and raised in Mississippi, Kiana has a natural love for all things Art. She studied Digital Media & Art in college, and now uses her skills for most things Hyzer1. Straight out of high school, she served in the United States Army as a Tank Mechanic. She started working as a server shortly after her time in the military and loved the environment. Like Paul, she too felt that her talent could be more useful in a different area. Not long after meeting Paul, she realized that he was a complete Visionary, who just needed someone to help bring the visions into reality. This gave her a whole new sense of purpose and the two make an incomparable due.

In her downtime, Kiana enjoys painting, making digital art, reading, going to music festivals with loved ones, and playing disc golf with her fiance, Paul.

Britt Linder

Business Manager

Brains and experience are two key important factors that have helped Hyzer1 come to fruition. Lucky for us, Britt has them both. Hyzer1 would have never even made it to where it is today without his guidance. Britt was born and raised in Tennessee, with a die-hard kind of love for where he comes from, and the Memphis Tigers. He lives by making the most out of life, and working hard for what you want. He successfully owns and operates other ventures outside of Hyzer1, so he tends to stay on the busier side of life.

Besides working too much, Britt enjoys spending time on the lake with his girlfriend, hanging out with his kids, trying great restaurants, and playing ball golf.

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