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At Hyzer1, we believe this mantra is key to being the most awesome you, on and off the course.

That is why we design all of our disc golf sports apparel to help you stand out, which in turn helps you be a more confident you.

The word “Hyzer” is a disc golf term. It is used to refer to the angle of the disc at the point in which a player releases is, and the flight pattern it follows.

Fun fact: If you are right-handed and go to throw your disc, it is more than likely going to fade to the left by the time it is finished with its flight. This is the Hyzer we’re going on and on about.

Photo Credit goes to Jonathan Ray “J Ray” Dynamic Discs.

Space meets Sports in our neon-cyber-themed sports clothing line. We are constantly thinking of new innovative designs to help you be a more confident performer when wearing our disc golf sports apparel.

Photo Credit goes to Jonathan Ray “J Ray” Dynamic Discs.

To provide one-of-a-kind quality apparel for sportsmen specifically with Disc Golfers in mind, and to grow the great sport of Disc Golf. The sport is growing at an exponential rate, so fast, it seems it is happening overnight. It is a wholesome, community-oriented sport that can be played by anyone of all ages. That being said, if we could help grow the sport to just one more person, our mission would be complete.

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